cat & dog imaging in north hollywood, ca

"Diagnostic care can help us see what we need to keep me healthy."

Cat & Dog Imaging & Diagnostics in North Hollywood, CA

Diagnostic equipment is an immensely valuable tool in veterinary medicine. Since our patients can’t tell us what’s wrong, we rely on pet diagnostics to reveal internal problems. We use the latest technology the vet industry has to offer, and we’re experts at using it! Our team is dedicated to doing everything possible to solve your pet’s problems. Our hospital in North Hollywood features a full in-house Idexx laboratory, cat & dog imaging & diagnostic tools, as well as telemedicine with veterinary specialists.

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Our In-House Laboratory

With our in-house lab, we can run comprehensive biological tests to screen for diseases, check for abnormalities, or simply get baseline diagnostics.

Tests we perform in-house include:

  • Complete blood counts (CBCs)
  • Full blood chemistry panels including:
    • Thyroid
    • Coagulation
    • Cortisol
    • Glucosamine
    • Protein levels
  • Urinalysis including:
    • PH level
    • Crystal identification
  • Ear and skin cytology
  • Skin scrapings
  • Fecal testing for intestinal parasites
  • And more!

We frequently use ultrasound and digital X-rays in tandem to better understand a certain abnormality or condition, yet both have invaluable separate uses as well. Meanwhile, telemedicine allows us to connect with specialists in real-time to discuss complex cases.

A board-certified radiologist performs all of our cat and dog ultrasound procedures in our hospital 5-7 days a week. We use ultrasound to examine the abdominal cavity and organs. Using it to examine the heart is called an echocardiogram, and in this case, we have a board-certified cardiologist who visits for these specific procedures.

In our hospital, we feature both full-body X-rays and dental X-rays. Dental X-rays allow us to analyze the teeth beneath the gumline and screen for periodontal disease. Full body X-rays on the other hand, give us a complete picture of your pet’s skeletal structure. It is useful for locating ingested foreign bodies, examining fractures and breaks, analyzing organs for disease, and more!

Telemedicine connects us with other experts in veterinary medicine so we can discuss certain cases and receive second opinions. Your pet’s health is our biggest priority, and taking time to confer with specialists means we can give them the best care. We frequently use telemedicine to connect with dental specialists during your pet’s dental procedure. We can show them digital dental X-rays and even your pet’s teeth during a cleaning to get real-time advice.

Cat & dog imaging & diagnostics are an essential component of medical care. They allow us to gather large amounts of information which, in turn, informs our treatment plan. Call us at (818) 980-1313 to learn more!