Secure Pet Boarding in North Hollywood: Dog Jumping

The Finest Pet Boarding in North Hollywood

Pets can get lonely, too. When you’re out of town, leaving them with a pet sitter might be an option, but for some pets, someone visiting them only at meal times and bathroom breaks isn’t enough. To make sure your pet gets all the care they deserve while you’re away, bring them to our animal hospital in North Hollywood for our pet boarding service. We have spacious accommodations and attentive staff that give your pet all the playtime and mental stimulation that they need.

Our Boarding Amenities

At Blue Cross Pet Hospital, we board both cats and dogs in comfortable, secure accommodations and give them plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves and get some exercise, too. Our pet boarding amenities include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Dog kennels and runs
  • Cat condos
  • Medical boarding for pets that need it
  • Frequent daily walks
  • Playtime
  • Fresh food and water
  • Bedding that is frequently washed and replaced
  • Toys to stay occupied

Some of these items, such as food, bedding, and toys, can be brought from home. However, please be aware that it is very difficult to keep track of individual pet’s toys and bedding and we are not responsible for any unreturned items.

Boarding Requirements

To keep all of our guests safe and healthy during their stay with us, we do have some requirements. Cats and dogs both need to be up-to-date on their core vaccinations and have had a checkup within the last 12 months. They should be free of parasites and disease. However, if your pet is already ill and incubating a disease, we do have an isolation ward for sick pets.

If you’re going out of town, be sure to book your pet’s place with the caring team at Blue Cross Pet Hospital. Our pet boarding is the finest in North Hollywood, so contact us today.

After searching and searching I found a veterinarian office I really like. Everyone is down to earth and polite at this office.

- Anthony G.

Muy buen hospital a tienden muy bien a mi bebé chico

- Tereza G.

My dogs are always taken good care of at Blue Cross Pet!!

- Tracy F.

The vets here are loving and caring for your pets.

- Laura M.

The staff and Dr. Lowenthal are the best. I have brought all my pets here and will do so for generations more.

- Timothy L.


Blue Cross Pet Hospital

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