Pet Spay and Neuter in North Hollywood, CA

With all the information out there about veterinary medicine and what is and isn’t right for your pet, it can be hard to make the best decisions for their needs. As veterinary professionals, we can point you in the right direction. Spay and neuter surgeries offer many health and behavior benefits, and they also help to reduce unwanted litters that often end up in already crowded shelters.

With these surgeries, you can help save lives and give your pet a better chance at a long and healthy life.

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Medical and Behavior Benefits

Both male and female pets can experience positive behavior changes and medical benefits after their spay or neuter surgery. You can expect:

Female Pets

  • No frustrating and messy heat cycles
  • Less likely to exhibit urine-spraying behavior
  • No roaming/escaping to find a mate (which often puts pets in harm’s way)
  • Reduced risk of mammary gland tumors
  • No risk of pyometra, a serious uterine infection
  • No risk of uterine or ovarian cancers

Male Pets

  • Less or no aggressive behavior
  • Less likely to exhibit urine-spraying and mounting behavior
  • No drive to escape to find a mate (which often puts them in harm’s way)
  • Reduced risk of prostate problems
  • No risk of testicular cancer
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It’s All About the Timing

The timing for spay and neuter surgeries plays a role in how much your pet will benefit. While the general guideline is at 5-6 months of age, the most beneficial timing depends on your pet’s gender, breed and species. Female cats and dogs are significantly less likely to develop mammary gland tumors if they're spayed before their first heat cycle. For kittens, their first heat cycle could come as early as 4 months of age, so an early surgery is ideal.

On the other hand, larger-breed dogs can have developmental problems in their skeletal structure if spayed or neutered too young. Therefore, larger-breed dogs benefit from a later surgery at about 12-18 months of age, or after their skeletal system has developed. Call us at (818) 980-1313 so we can discuss your pet’s unique circumstances and the best option for them.