"...we work to build up our community..."

Doing Our Part with Community Outreach

Our community outreach is an important part of who we are. At Blue Cross Pet Hospital, we work to build up our community with our veterinary knowledge and passion for what we do. We work with many organizations in North Hollywood including a number of shelters and rescues, and even schools in the area.

Shelter & Rescue Work

We are veterinary providers for a number of area shelters. Our staff volunteer their time for much-needed spay and neuter surgeries, pet wellness plans, microchipping, vaccinations, and more. Shelters only have a capacity for a certain number of pets. When they reach their max, pets who cannot find homes are often euthanized. When shelter pets are well taken care of from the beginning, their chances of finding forever homes are that much greater.

Our goal is to give shelter pets the best chance at adoption by providing them with basic health care needs. Then, potential owners can focus on giving pets the loving homes they deserve. Additionally, if you adopt a pet, we offer their first exam with us for free, in order to further support their health and well-being.

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North Hollywood Area Schools

Children are often just as passionate about pets as we are! To fuel their curiosity, we speak at a number of Hollywood-area schools. We’ll talk about different career options in the veterinary industry, what it takes to achieve a DVM, and answer any questions students have. We want to inspire as many students as possible to consider a veterinary career.

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