Cat and Dog Grooming in North HOllywood, CA

Your pet’s skin and coat are two important parts of their overall health. When they suffer hair loss and irritated skin, it often indicates a much larger problem. Cat and dog grooming helps to not only give your pet a fresh new cut; it also allows our professional groomers to closely examine your pet’s skin. They’re trained to pick up on skin abnormalities like dryness and irritation, signs of a flea infestation, lumps and bumps, and much more.

At Blue Cross Pet Hospital in North Hollywood, we offer comprehensive cat and dog grooming services. Call us at (818) 980-1313 to have your pet looking and feeling their best today!

Give your pet a healthy makeover!

Our Cat and Dog Grooming Services

We offer the whole package when it comes to pet grooming. Bringing your pet to us means they receive the royal treatment. Our professional pet groomers perform the following:

  • Bathing
  • Brush and blow-out
  • Dematting
  • Specialty cuts
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trims
  • Anal gland expression

We also offer special medicated shampoos for pets with allergies or sensitive skin.

dog grooming in north hollywood, ca

"...there's no grooming situation we can't handle."

Safe and Fear Free Grooming for Every Pet

With a professionally trained staff, there’s no grooming situation we can’t handle. We perform our cat and dog grooming and bathing services in a fear-free environment, all under veterinary supervision. Should your cat or dog be overly anxious about their bath and cut, we can give pharmaceuticals as needed to calm them down and help them enjoy the experience.

Even if your pet is aggressive, stubborn, or acutely anxious and fearful, we can perform needed grooming services under anesthesia, all under close monitoring, and in the safest conditions possible. Call us today at (818) 980-1313 to schedule an grooming appointment.